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Five Trees - 3 print collection

Relief lino prints

This set of three prints is made up of individual prints from three limited editions:

Five Trees at Night - limited edition of 16
Five Trees in Snow - limited edition of 7
Five Trees in Mist - limited edition of 11

Per print dimensions (image area): 35cm (wide) x 48cm (high)
Per print borders: min 3cm
Paper: High quality art paper: 225gsm Zerkall 902 Rough

These prints, in which the main subject is a small group of trees I found on North Dartmoor, are a set in which the skyscape of each was made using a different technique each time in order to create a unique impression of the environment.

The skyscape in 'Five Trees at Night' was achieved by painstakingly painting the stars with nail varnish onto a layer of muslin, which was then layed over the inked lino so the painted parts of the material would prevent the ink from touching the paper. The skyscape in 'Five Trees in Snow' was achieved by sprinkling mineral grains over the ink - I then re-inked over the grains themselves. This technique prevented parts of the paper from connecting with the ink layer in order to create the effect of snow. The skyscape in 'Five Trees in Mist' was achieved by simply printing through a layer of muslin.

The three skyscapes were printed at the same time and before I had finished cutting the lino block containing the trees.

Although the environment is what differentiates the prints, it is the relatively unchangeable nature of the trees themselves that is the real point - so, for me, this is an image of strength and endurance in the face of change.

The full set at a reduced price

You can buy the prints individually (follow the links below), but if you choose to purchase the set, you'll be saving £200

The individual prints

Five Trees at Night:

Five Trees in Snow:

Five Trees in Mist:

To buy the prints individually:

Five Trees at Night - click here
Five Trees in Snow - click here
Five Trees in Mist - click here

Sold as an unframed print


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