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For the most part, I don't make any charges for postage, packaging or shipping. Unfortunately, I have to make a charge when sending some lower-cost items to addresses outside the United Kingdom.

I always send my art flat-packed in home-made parcels that are designed to withstand pretty much anything that might happen to them!


I sell almost all my work unframed - this reduces shipping costs and the risk of damage during transit. I'm always happy to advise on framing - just email me!


All of my prints are sold in limited edition print runs. This means that when the edition is sold out I won't print any more of that edition. This includes my limited edition giclee prints.

In some cases, it is possible I might decide to develop an image or idea - I may then produce a revised version of an earlier one - which means the image will be changed in some notable way. It may then appear as a new limited edition print run. This will happen very rarely, because I prefer working on new projects!


I thought you'd ask. So I've created a page dedicated to questions like these - and here it is

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Your name and email address will be stored in a secure place by Campaign Monitor. They're good. I've used them for years. I trust them. You can too.

If you buy something from my shop...

You have to fill in a form... it's essential information... I need it to send you stuff... this includes a contact phone number, which is required by the delivery agents I use (usually ParcelForce or UPS).

The information you provide is sent to me in an encrypted form (my site is https-certificate-protected) - the bit pertaining to everything except your card details comes to me as an email - which means that, once I receive it, we'll be friends for life. All the payment information you provide is handled securely by PayPal.

I never get to see your card details!


I don't use cookies to do evil... I use them to provide you with as hassle-free an experience as possible - which mostly means that my shop remembers what's in your basket.

When in doubt, clear your browser cache!


I use Google Analytics to find out if anyone ever visits my website and, if they do, loosely where they're from and what they look at - but never who they are.

To gather information about my visitors, Google uses cookies. Google's motto is 'do no evil'... which means what it says, right?

If you're worried about anything, anything at all but, in particular, if you're worried about security issues pertaining to my website, send me an email and I'll read it and do whatever I can to help allay your fears.

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