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The Tolmen

Relief lino print


Limited edition of 18
Image area (approx): 40cm (wide) x 57cm (high)
Borders: min 3cm
Paper: High quality art paper: 300gsm Heritage Rag - white unbuffered

This is a reduction print (which means that sections of the lino block had to be destroyed during the making of the print - so the edition can never be repeated or extended). The spiral elements on the stone (which are part of my imagining - in real life, the stone is unpainted granite!) are printed with gold ink.

The Tolmen Stone is a large boulder on the edge of the North Teign River, close to Scorhill stone circle on Dartmoor (over 300 square miles of ‘wilderness’ in the centre of Devon, United Kingdom).

The name 'Tolmen' comprises two Celtic(?) words - 'tol' means hole and 'maen' means stone (the same usage as in ‘Menhir’, which means ‘standing stone’ but, in this case,is used with ’tol’ to mean ‘stone with hole’)

The hole in question, large enough for an adult (human) to pass through, has been formed by river friction erosion.

The stone, which is located within a sacred/ceremonial landscape comprising stone circles, at least one standing stone, various stone rows and a reave (an ancient land boundary) all dating from the Bronze Age, is said to have healing properties, and was used in several healing and other rituals.

The Men-an-Tol monument in the far West of Cornwall, which also features a holed stone, is believed to have performed similar functions, and its name contains the same key words ‘men’ and ‘tol’.

The Dartmoor Tolmen sits at the heart of my favourite part of Dartmoor, which I have also featured in my print ‘Circularity’ (and if you look closely at that print, you’ll see that it also contains the Tolmen Stone!)


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