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Cove Boats, Porth Ust, Cape Cornwall

Relief lino print

Limited edition of 20

Dimensions (image area): 70cm (wide) x 28cm (high)
Borders: 6cm
Paper: High quality art paper: 225gsm Zerkall 902 Rough

'Porth Ust' is the Cornish name for the place called 'Priest Cove' (also called 'Priest's Cove'). The English name is a misinterpretation of the original Cornish, where 'Ust' refers to the 'Just' in St.Just, which is nearby. A more correct translation of the name would be Port, or Cove, of St.Just.

A mile offshore is the 'Brisons' islet. In the Cornish, the islet is called Enys Vordath, which means 'Breaker Island'. The name 'Brisons' comes from the French, brisant, meaning 'reef' or 'breaker' - so that's a pretty good translation of their Cornish name!

The cove boats are used for fishing - each is powered by an outboard motor. 

This is a two-block, 12-colour, reduction print (in order to achieve the registration required, and to reduce the overall amount of cutting time, one of the lino blocks was deliberately destroyed during the making of the print - which means further copies cannot be made).

To achieve the colour range, each print went through the press 6 times (with two or more colours printed each time). In total, around 40 hours was spent on the printing alone. The lino blocks took a similar amount of time to cut. Taking into account the field work and the subsequent image planning, this project that took me the best part of a month to complete.

This was my last completed print of 2020. 

Number currently available: 16

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Cove Boats, Porth Ust, Cape Cornwall COVE £400
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